Moscuzza Group is one of traditional pioneers of the Argentinean fishing industry. By using its own human and material resources, the group develops all its functions of extraction, processing, industrialization, marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen seafood.
This effort of being an integrated company, supported by a significant investment, is well recognized by our customers, as well as its strategies to achieve excellence in fulfilling their orders.
Situated in Mar del Plata, the main fishing port of Argentina, Moscuzza processes more than 50.000 tonnes of top quality raw material each year, in order to satisfy the most demanding markets from the five continents and from local market, also. . 



In 1920´s, Mr. Don José Moscuzza, arrived to Argentina from his motherland, Italy. He started working in the fishing industry with only two small boats. As years went by, secrets about his profession were taught to his three subsequent generations, who have been carrying on with his initial business till nowadays.
With his son Don Pedro Moscuzza and his grandson José Américo Moscuzza, tradition is still unbroken under the motto “Growing with Quality”. Together, they have pushed Moscuzza Group to a continuous evolution, based on the mixed concept of traditional fishing and technologic innovation


Moscuzza Group has a dynamic, agile and modern fleet, composed as follows:
Four deep-sea fresh fishing vessels Hold capacity: 590 tonnes of fresh raw material each catch.
Three drag fishing freezer vessels Hold capacity: 2.500 tonnes of frozen manufactured product each catch.
Five freezer shrimp vessels Hold capacity: 920 tonnes of frozen shrimp each catch.
Two jigging freezer vessels Hold capacity: 1.500 tonnes of frozen squid each catch. 


A processing plant and cold store facilities
Covered area: 26.730 m2.
Sanitary conditions: Authorizations according to regulations from EU, USA, South America and Asia.
Processing capacity: More than 100 tonnes a day
Storage capacity: 8.000 tonnes
Scale ice storage capacity: 150 tonnes/day
Quality control department and chemical, physical and microbiological testing lab
HACCP System which comprises the design, implementation and auditing for ongoing control. This system is integrated in the production structure as well as in the hygiene and sanitary conditions of processing plants, workers, process of production and of the finished product.



Fish captures are done in the South Atlantic Sea, inside and outside the Economic Exclusion Area, within the whole continental platform, fishing zone FAO 41, which stands out for the quality and diversity of its species.


Moscuzza Group devotes a large part of its productive structure to capture and processing Hake Hubbsi, Shrimp and Illex Squid, species which are commercialized in both local and international markets.
Likewise, a wide range of products is processed and commercialized to meet the current trends and demands: Patagonian Grenadier, Flounder, Kingclip, Brazilian Sandperch, Grouper, Southern Blue Whiting, Skate, Butterfish, Blackbelly Rosefish, Parona Leatherjack, Grenadier, Nototenia, Silver Warehou, Anchovy, Angel Shark, Brazilian Flathead, Patagonian Smoothhound, Brazilian Codling, Red Snapper, Mackerel, Argentine Croaker, King Weakfish

Sanitary quality is guaranteed by our systematic strict controls applied by our Quality Control Department and also through HACCP system. This is the way we vouch for optimum properties of our products.
Moscuzza´s products are currently sold to more than 60 countries, as a result of an integrated strategy oriented to achieve excellence in customer service as well as in quality of all our products.

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